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Come into unavoidable confrontation: Does new Bao Laisheng calculate geometry?

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Yesterday, new treasure of one steam masses will appear on the market, its price interval decides case to go to one hundred and forty-three thousand eight hundred yuan in one hundred and seven thousand eight hundred yuan between, xin Baolai changes one steam masses to taste the price strategy that appears on the market at high price newly, let industry some are surprised. So, invite the Xin Baolai of Deng Yaping boost the morale of, competing market of intense with each passing day intermediate home litter, does a stratagem which ensures success that didn't its come to have geometry?

From the MODEL X/Y at the beginning of, appear on the market to Lang Yi's ray, and of Xin Baolai come out, declare publicly the breakthrough that joint-stock car company makes own research and development. Although regard the own research and development of joint-stock car as the model, appear a little far-fetched, but adumbrative also move closes

Endowment car company began to be stridden go recommend the product innovation strategy with walking on two legs of own research and development. Compete as domestic car especially increasingly intense, of joint-stock car company foreign the model that can introduce is less and less, below such circumstance, of joint-stock car company in the neck bottle breakthrough that just must seek a product, that is medium the own research and development with square foreign combination innovates. Lang Yi appears on the market with what new treasure comes, with respect to adumbrative future joint-stock car company goes introduce a turning point that links with photograph of own research and development.

Look from the price, the price is in the Xin Baolai of 1.6 100 thousand odd a bit, in there is the wallop that comparative in this market at present. Of Xin Baolai appear on the market a turning point that the price can say is thought of sale of one steam popular, the nimble that is before without giving thought to is amounted to, fast vacate, still stride vacate, price of one steam popular is to take costly course, depreciate slowly next, support establishs image of high-end public praise at high price, through depreciating every time hook in many consumer are bought, this also is industry thinks one steam popular fixes a price all the time one of bad-mouth. Of course, what car city competes is intense it is the main reason that Xin Baolai uses low to appear on the market, such value will pound Lang Yi market condition directly, the price tower above that Lang Yi reachs one hundred and sixty-four thousand eight hundred yuan one hundred and twelve thousand eight hundred yuan Xin Baolai is not little.

Anew treasure comes in light of price of other competition model, its the price is in 09 Fox 11.89, one hundred and fifty-one thousand nine hundred yuan between, and after appearing on the market, before long 09 Fox begin 8000 yuan to depreciate, actually this also is a kind of concussion to Xin Baolai. When Xin Baolai appears on the market, suffer Xin Baolai to appear on the market influence, 09 Fox, new 307 begin to depreciate in succession with the model such as Kaluola, among them new the price of 307 had fallen defeat to go to 100 thousand yuan the following, also be impact of a kind of market to Xin Baolai, lunar sales volume is maintaining the Kaluola of 10 thousand above, it is strong competitor of Xin Baolai. So, what does Xin Baolai take to compete with competitive model?
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