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Large range of new car prices used car business in Shandong deserted Texas

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18, the reporter visited the Shandong Dezhou city only - venue deal with Texas, qualified second-hand car market, business has learned new car sales this year a larger price drop, coupled with the introduction of incentives such as cars to the countryside, resulting in a second-hand car trade decreased a lot higher than in previous years. By convention, the winter season had the second-hand car trading, but the reporter has seen in the trading market, the huge auto market, hundreds of cars parked waiting for second-hand car trading, while the little people come to buy. Buy less and less van "A major change this year is to buy small displacement cars, more people." Hong said Li Yan, priced at 1 million -3 million for a small private car transfer of the majority, while the transfer of used cars in previous years mainly minibuses and other commercial vehicles based. "Private transaction is the largest, but the van trading volume decreased even more sharply." Another staff member said that the increase in the number of second-hand car trading, trading volume is not enough to compensate for the decrease in the van. This reporter has learned, Santana, Jetta sedan and the old household brands, lower maintenance costs due to become the first choice for many consumers to buy. In addition to this old brand popular, the Geely, Chery, Hafei and other small cars because they are inexpensive, but also by consumers. People buy second-hand car, most of the novice learned to drive. Cause Analysis Transfer of the high cost of second-hand car Mr. Yang has been doing an intermediary used car four years time, talking about the current used car market, he complained again and again. "The market is not doing more." Mr Song said another intermediary, because the new price cut large, his hands have not sold more than a year of second-hand car. This reporter has learned, used car new car price is an important reason for difficult transactions, in addition to transfer of the high cost of used cars, used cars also contributed to freeze this winter and the main factors. Many intermediaries engaged in trading second-hand cars, told reporters in the trading market, a car to pay 100 yuan per month management fee is not high, but because the used car transaction tax is too high, rarely seen in the high market price of used cars .