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Epps second-hand car brand presence shop opened in Hangzhou Zhejiang Gunma

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As the saying goes, there is heaven, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou. Following the October 19, 2010 Epps second-hand car after the store opened in Yunnan Union caused, Epps second-hand car and a new store - store in Hangzhou, Gunma November 23, 2010 held a grand opening ceremony, announced the official opening. Leaders to attend the opening ceremony are: Association of Hangzhou used cars in circulation. Opening day, Epps second-hand car shop in Hangzhou, Gunma, held a grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony and the awarding ceremony, the community have expressed interest, and look forward to Epps second-hand car shop in Hangzhou, Gunma Aipu to adhering to the headquarters of the "honest and professional services. Japanese assured chain "business philosophy, and jointly promote the used car industry in Hangzhou healthy circulation and development. Epps second-hand car since April 15, 2005 inception, all the way trials and hardships, become a huge influence on second-hand car distribution company, one of the famous, consumers trust the used car service brand. It is reported that Epps second-hand car shop in Hangzhou, Gunma Gunma by Hangzhou Co., Ltd. together with Epps second-hand cars used car stores, is the team spirit and collective wisdom, is the second-hand cars across Epps important milestone in the development of . Its success is inseparable from the formation and formal operations general manager Mark frames the firm and trust. Total horse 6 years studying in Japan during the Japanese to understand Apple's auto Networks, Inc. Apple store, this is Japan, one of three used-car chain, Ma always very much agree with Apple used car business philosophy and advocated Japanese-style services, contributed to Epps second-hand car shop in Hangzhou, the establishment of Gunma. Hangzhou second-hand car market growth rate, the scale of development, the extent of regulation, the degree of information are among the best in China, in 2000, Hangzhou, second-hand car trading was only 5381; to 2006, it soared to 74,292, the annual average growth rate of 35%; 2009, trading volume over 145,000. Hangzhou potential second-hand car market at the same time, competition is fierce, so Epps second-hand car shop in Hangzhou, Gunma use "Japanese-style service," the competitive advantage, provide consumers with "confidence, peace of mind, peace of mind," the second-hand car service quality brands! The opening of the Epps second-hand car shop located in Gunma, Hangzhou Hangzhou City, Shaoxing Road 48, the shop has assessed the vehicle area, business negotiations, customer lounge area and a series of excellent facilities, shop location, traffic convenient. Epps second-hand car shop in Hangzhou, Gunma Hangzhou will build a new professional evaluation, acquisition, sales model, to provide consumers with professional, fair, just, open and used car brands. Epps second-hand car shop in Hangzhou, Gunma along with national chain stores for the country to provide consumers with the brand of used cars, international services, used cars, used car industry in China together to create a living culture of the car, and promote the health of China's second-hand car industry development and establishment of a harmonious society and make contribution to the rich.