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Stores nationwide used car models build

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Guangzhou Toyota car sales are growing rapidly. On the Camry, the Camry 2006 to 2011, began selling Camry replacement demand will reach 10 million units, second-hand car business needs as quickly as possible, and for the consumer Who needs to build a second sales from the replacement of the operational processes. It is understood that GTMC Kun Bao Tien-hsin stores its advantages, the first to create a national used car model shop, used car to provide consumers with free evaluation, new car replacement, to further promote new car sales, the formation of new Growth points of interest; certified by a widely used car Toyota model shop to build a used car wholesale and retail business, giving consumers peace of mind, the distinguished car experience; through the basic process of strengthening the implementation and new business Import time, within a wide channel model Toyota dealer. Car replacement new car model, to further reduce the pressure on consumers to buy cars. "At present, the main marketing vehicle Guangfeng Camry has Jinru replacement cycle, which for the Guangzhou Automobile Toyota Kun Bao days to carry out second-hand car shop business center provides a good opportunity." Wide Toyota Kun Bao Tien-hsin store official said, Used Cars Conduct of business on the one hand to secure car enhanced user satisfaction, it also will enhance their competitive advantage dealership. According to reports, now until November 30, Guangzhou Auto Toyota Kun Bao days to shop in the heart of all will be the second store Used for a free evaluation, success will be 2,000 new car replacement hardcover gift.