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Place the second used car Fair Hangzhou held yesterday

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Audi TT as long as 40 million, as long as 195,000 CTS2.8 Cadillac, Mazda 6, as long as 103,800, as long as 82,800 new Excelle ... ... Yesterday, the city hosted the second session of the Board of Trade used cars in Hangzhou in the People's Square Fair City Hall East Plaza, the high cost of second-hand cars attract a large number of people come to visit, Taobao. "Depreciation of refurbished second-hand cars are mostly cars, new car looks a lot cheaper than the new price is very suitable for low-consumption group travel purposes. On the other hand, novice drivers Hangzhou increasing Used as a practice, used car is also a good choice. "fair scene, a second-hand car trading for many years in the industry told reporters. In yesterday's second-hand car trade fair, a total of about 50 used cars to participate in marketing high-middle and low. Site also carried out second-hand car auction, appraisal and evaluation of second-hand car, used car decoration beauty, and automotive trade dispute arbitration, industry related services and consulting. Remove the main venue in the Great Hall of the current used car Square Fair is still Xiaoshan and Yuhang, and five counties (cities) set up at the venue for the Hangzhou urban and rural residents used cars and high quality, fast service platform. City Board of Trade to provide the relevant data show that second-hand car market in recent years, very active in Hangzhou, from 2000 to 5381-2009 years, 120,004 one thousand, Hangzhou second-hand car trading volume doubled in ten years time, 23 times . This year 1 to 10 months, the city used cars again new high volume, breaking 120,007 one thousand. ]