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Activation of second-hand car market, new car out of stock

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Years ago, abnormal hot new car market and has been extended to years later, consumers are generally hard to put stock cars, set vehicles

consumers now have to wait until April or May before mentioned cars, plus purchase tax has gone up, some would like to as soon as possible On


Cars consumers are turning to the used-car market, thus driving the used car market in the city began to take the heat after the holiday.

    Reporters from the used-car market in Jinhua Jiangbei Beiyuan learned a new car supply tight and the New Year by the impact on demand for

cars, used cars full of stock, Condition newer cars, especially hot economic times, the transaction price in the market

Stimulation increased slightly.

    "This time of year, second-hand automobile market will usher in a good market, but this year seems especially fire." Hua Cheng Used Car

Auto Trade Center official told reporters, compared to previous years, not the end of last year's market

Good, but after the market this year than in previous years and better.

    The reporters found that vigorous second-hand car market with the new car has a lot hot, and many consumers are holding in the car during

the Spring Festival to open the idea to come here to buy. "To the 4S shop looked at several times, Italy's new car before the holiday

Did not mention, simply to buy a used car, the key is to open the car as soon as possible. "A people who bought used cars Chen told

reporters, had purchased a new car is a priority, but to a lot of 4S stores, to look up

Said car models on the source of tension, only to second-hand automobile market, "Amoy car."

    It is understood, especially in the low end of the second new car is very sought-after, the present situation of the National People's

Congress are concerned about this car part car. Such as the Elantra, Fit, Polaris and the Japanese Accord and Nissan, Tiida and other models,

high-class cars

Type Zeyi Passat is more. The second car was basically the one to shop bought, worry is not enough supply. Zeyi Lianju novice customers, the

majority of units.

    Interview, the reporter learned that, because the hot, new car market, increase the wind also affected the used car market, a slight rise

in the prices of some models, used car prices year after the phenomenon has not occurred, many vehicle in good

Family car is still used by the sales price in 2009, even higher. Mr. Gao told reporters that consumers, their eyes on a 2005 Chevrolet,

quotes, new car price difference is only 2 million yuan and make it difficult to access.