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Make Chinese MINI Li Fan bottom of 320 about 50 thousand the first year of an er

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Chengdu car is exhibited above Li Fan 320 appear again, there are a lot of friends to express to pay close attention to to this car before, we are opposite the opportunity that borrows a car this to exhibit of Li Fan closed a personage to undertake advisory first, li Fan 320 will at appearing on the market before the end of the year, open to booking valence to be controlled in 50 thousand yuan.

Nod this to see Chengdu car exhibit whole scene to pursue

The Li Fan that is exactly like MINI 320 as a small-sized car, it is first when force sail car develops small litter. Li Fan 320 basically be to be aimed at young a group of things with common features group and undertake research and development is designed. Automobile body modelling is drawn lessons from and blend in the design element of classical model Mini Cooper.

Sail of other outside force 320 it is a model that emphasizes exercise very, sail of dynamical field force 320 those who embark is Li Fan produces LF479Q3 engine oneself, van of the buy before drive form is, deploy 5 archives hand to use transmission, platoon quantity is 1.3L, output power is 65kw/6000rpm. Highest speed per hour can amount to 155 kilometers / hour. Wait for fast oil bad news 4.8L of every 90 kilometers.