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Xue Tielong Grand C4 Picasso predicts to will land China in December

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The Grand C4 Picasso of new model of snow Tie Longquan that achieves beautiful performance repeatedly in the whole world enters China to appear on the market to time, predict to will land China formally in December. On October 8, northerly Beijing media disclosed section of car of entrance of snow iron dragon this message.

Be like wet Grand C4 Picasso reputably

The Xue Tielong Grand C4 Picasso that is about to appear on the market in China, be based on C4 platform development, having sterling flange on the west blood relationship -- elegant vogue, design is masterly, of numerous advanced technique and concept apply a philosophy building a car that to explain Xue Tielong human nature changes. Bounty is driven cozily by the space, the panoramic scuttle of mark sex, brand-new Visiospace concept and a lot of enough turn up his nose at the equipment that is the same as level car, let extraordinary of Mpv of this high end. Exhibited in Parisian car 2006 from its appear, this car won consistent recognition of the whole world, more those who let this car become Europe to sell a list of names posted up to go up " permanent " car.

A year short Grand C4 Picasso of the Xue Tielong between a long time behead won a lot of award. By 2006, xue Tielong Grand C4 Picasso is in " congress of modelling of automobile body of the 8th Europe " on, amount to the model such as C30 of Roomster, Wo Erwo to be the same as an athletics with Corsa of Ford S-max, Ou Bao, Si Ke, break through a tight encirclement, with one action was obtained " award of modelling of European automobile body " ; April 2007, by Italian international only commissioner of large award of beautiful car design can be judged for " international only large award of Mpv of large award of beautiful car design " , was judged to be in May 2007 " French year car " etc, this numerous award also wear in narrate of different point of view the Xue Tielong that shows on this car's original and solid inside information. As we have learned, at present the global sales volume of C4 Picasso has broken through 350 thousand.

The sterling gene of Xue Tielong brand

Xue Tielong all the time since hold to " the innovation science and technology that human nature changes and design " the concept that build a car, this also is its the reason in European market make a great coup. Acceded flange dares to imagine the Xue Tielong with innovation spirit on the west, have it is with the person this science and technology and design, not try to please the public with claptrap shows consideration for a consideration for the user everywhere however, contented new era the people shift to individuation the demand of plan. To " human nature is changed build a car " concept, already made the talks surely part of car manufacturer in recent years, to this, xue Tielong is having his opinion. Xue Tielong thinks, human nature is changed is not to point to function simply advantageous, configuration is luxurious, say this car is mature in the beginning of design however the demand to the person, the experience the person, experience, cheerful put significant position with comfortable sex.
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