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Run quickly SMART the end of the year introduces two edition to predict price 20

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08 Beijing car exhibits the spot, in special the SMART that a lot of pattern displayed inside the ground that scrapes an eye, this also is SMART first time appears formally in large car of home to exhibit go up. Meanwhile, ran quickly to announce SMART brand will land Chinese market formally formally also.

Click examine run quickly SMART 14 Zhang Jingmei pursues greatly

Recently, the reporter was interviewing Beijing area much home to run quickly the understanding after accredit agency arrives, at present SMART introduces relevant preparation of home to work to had begun, the SMART agency of first accredit is Beijing area boreal star goes. Introduce according to the salesperson inside inn: At present already park of a few SMART was in storeroom, manufacturer is right of the salesperson groom will from next week at the beginning. Predicting consumer can buy SMART car from such normal channel before in 8 the end of the year, the model that first introducing will be the Smart Fortwo version that provides 3 crocks of engine, predicting price is controlled in 200 thousand yuan.

Click examine run quickly SMART 14 Zhang Jingmei pursues greatly

As automobile group Ju Qing wears Mu to strap company and Switzerland horological group Si Woji (the child that Swatch) cooperates, it seems that from the character that decided Smart extraordinary at the beginning. This reflects the name in him adequately also to go up, the S in Smart represented Siwoji (Swatch) , m represented Daimuleji round (Mercedes-Benz) , and the meaning that Art is the art in English, close understandable for, this car represented Siwoji and the art that Daimule cooperates, and Smart car name itself also has clever and bright meaning in English, this also agreed with the design concept of Smart company.

Click examine run quickly SMART 14 Zhang Jingmei pursues greatly

Run quickly subordinate Smart rolled out Fortwo car section in first degrees 1998, this car that can take two adult only attracted the fix eyes oning of countless consumer since released day. Be in Germany till Smart of 6 the end of the year when Situjiate publishs 2 acting Fortwo, this car became whole world car to confuse the classical car section in memory already. Let a person feel nevertheless regrettablly although Benz owns many sale networks in home, is, but Smart was not sold formally in home however. As 8 years nevertheless Beijing car is exhibited appear formally, and this year of this brand introduce formally, believe a such classical models are apart from us already no longer distant!
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