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Second-hand automobile market in the "spring" when it comes?

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Automobile market in the country a number of positive stimulus, driven by new policies in 2009, China's new car market is a "blowout" market:

auto production and sales for the first three quarters exceeded the 10 million mark; as of November, the cumulative production and sales both

Exceeded 12.2 million; stable over the year to 13 million, the highest level.
At the same time, domestic second-hand car market is also showing a rapid and steady growth. According to the China Automobile Dealers

Association statistics, in the first 10 months, a total of 2,695,300 used car transactions, an increase of 29.37%.

Industry estimates, the annual second-hand car trading will exceed 3 million mark.
Despite the growth in second-hand car trading volume is not small, but it and the new car market, there remains a wide gap. "At present, new

and used vehicles of the trading volume ratio of about 5 to 1, but in countries with higher penetration in the automotive,

That number is nearly 1 to 1. "Recently, the China Automobile Dealers Association, said Deputy Secretary-General Shen, used vehicle trading

volume in China has great room for growth.
Three years later, second-hand automobile market or "blowout"
"According to this new car market growth rate, I estimate that another three years, domestic second-hand car market may appear 'blowout'

market." December 25, Jinhua Huang Zongpei Automobile Dealers Association analysis of the industry, said head

Former Chinese automobile market is still in the rigid demand of many consumers is the first time to buy a car, this market demand remained

strong in 2023, the market will usher in a large-scale change cycle, there will be a lot of second-hand car to City

Statistics show that car ownership in China is already more than 170 million, of which 2001 to 2003 into the family car market, has gradually

entered the transfer cycle. It is understood that the Chinese car market in 2001 was

The first round of the "blowout" market, car strides into millions of households. 8 years later, when the first batch of car owners that the

replacement will have to upgrade. Insiders predict that the next few years, the domestic growth rate of second-hand car market

Will remain at 17% to 20% of the higher level.
As the market develops, more and more automobile manufacturers began sights on second-hand car. Shanghai GM, Shanghai Volkswagen, Beijing

Auto and other car firms have set up a special charge of second-hand car business, a subsidiary or department; Mercedes-Benz,

BMW, Audi and other luxury car brands have also used-car field of action: Mercedes-Benz launched the "Star Core used car," BMW strengthen the

"Premium Selection used cars" campaign, Audi also stepped up the integration of "AAA used car" business.
Multiple factors constraining the development of second-hand automobile market
Although there are broad prospects for development and good growth, but there are still many factors present a serious constraint in China

and healthy development of second-hand car market.
Jinhua Shen Tong Cheng used cars, business manager for the new season 楼栋 pointed out that because second-hand car distribution companies

lower the access threshold, "rent a storefront, put two cars" will be able to open, leading the market was mixed, trading in the lack of a

These "traps", "consumer lack of trust" has become a limited used car market one of the bottlenecks. "For example, some non-standard

operators will adjust the car's mileage, 200,000 km will be transferred into a 10 million kilometers or less,

Deceive customers by raising prices; another example, accident records concealed, false vehicle condition, etc., do not generally have the

expertise to customers is difficult to identify. "
楼栋 quarter felt that the evaluation system is not perfect is constraining the development of second-hand car market is another big reason.

"Now China has also identified the lack of uniform evaluation criteria used car, which led to different parts of the same vehicle

identification assessment,

The results may be varied, a far cry from the price, customers tend to be dangerous and confused, not sure. "
Inconsistent valuation used car loans have brought back difficult. Unlike new car used car, the price is the key to identification,

assessment of price uncertainty makes the banks do not have a reliable reference standard, the difficulty of natural increase loans

. Therefore, a long time, because the price assessment of objectivity, impartiality poor, used car loans has been in a "frozen" period.

Jinhua City reporter consulted a number of commercial banks, they are not directly used car loans

. Car dealers generally believe that if the banks to work on the used car loan business, will promote the improvement of second-hand car

In addition, transfer of vehicle ownership cumbersome procedures, high transaction costs, low returns on capital, fast depreciation of new

cars and other factors also to some extent slowed down the pace of development of second-hand car market.
However, there is news that the appraisal and evaluation of technical specifications used car, used car business that has opened the

standard, second-hand car trading standards and other new tax policy is expected to be introduced next year. "The market is the trend of the

gradual specification, which will greatly facilitate

Into the second-hand car trading volume growth. "Season said.