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Automobile development to the "replacement of" numerous luxury cars used car bus

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In a recent tasting of a Audi used car auction, the two nice Audi Condition A4 [Review Photo Forum] and A6 attracted from Ningbo, Jinhua,

more than 20 customers across the province and used car dealers, less than 10

Minutes, two cars are sold for higher than expected.

The letter, Zhejiang, eight second-hand Mercedes-Benz sold in over a month all of which incorporated into the first Mercedes-Benz S3 [Review

Photo Forum] 00 sold more than 80 million, only cheaper than the new price of 10 million and customers in the first half of PDI

Months has been an advance payment of 20 million deposit.

Near the end of the year, the booming new car market is also reheat the used-car market, luxury second-hand car market, begin to exert.

"Second half of the trading volume is three times the same period last year." Zhejiang Austrian director of Miss Choi told reporters that

second-hand car, because the business bigger, starting next year, the Ministry of used cars independent accounting, self-financing.

This year, three German luxury car maker Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz in China have achieved double-digit growth. The face of luxury car brand

sales in China surged year after year, industry analysts, the rapid development of China's automobile has been to "

Updating period. "At this point, second-hand luxury cars as one of their new choice.

"High-end used car trade has grown rapidly, currently at an annual rate of 3% growth." Audi sales, said Liu Ming, Director of Zhejiang


It is optimistic about the prospects for luxury second-hand cars, the luxury car brands have launched its strategy of used cars, BMW

introduced the Premium Selection used car business, Mercedes-Benz introduced the Star Core used car business. Early December, also in full-

liter Audi

Class AAA second-hand car the original Audi started the Audi product recommended used car business. "Brand promise by the vendor of used cars

will give customers even greater sense of trust." Liu Ming said, with the second-hand car dealers focus on sales of different luxury car


Operators pay more attention to the quality of used cars and service guarantee.