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Experts note the six easy to buy used cars in winter

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With the end gradually approaching, more and more cold weather is also up, but no matter how cold weather can not hold people back home to visit relatives in the New Year joy and pace. In China, the prevalence of people "to buy a car, drove home probe Pro-New Year, "the consumer psychology, so many people will choose to buy a car in this period, second-hand car market has also ushered in the final season of 2010. As the winter weather is cold, the purchase of second-hand car with several other Different seasons, for which the author consulted the senior expert of China Jiang Wenhui Town used car, he thought to buy second-hand car in the winter there are six major considerations. Antifreeze: In the autumn and winter to buy second-hand car, first check the water tank used to focus on the usage conditions and antifreeze. First observation of the water tank, water pipe surface without leakage; Then, open the radiator cap observed inside the liquid, If the grease floating in the liquid surface, indicating that the engine block a leak, the long body of the oil tank blocked the waterway will cause poor water circulation. At the same time, to tell whether the liquid inside the tank antifreeze, if the ordinary Water, due to its high freezing point than antifreeze will freeze in the cold winter, not only the sea can not be normal cycle, but will also cause serious engine damage. Finally, unscrew the oil filler cap, observed on the back, if attached With the emulsion that block a leak, antifreeze will damage along the cylinder into the oil formation at the emulsion, resulting in engine damage. Engine: The cold weather will aggravate the existing engine problems, such as the acceleration is poor, hard start, fuel economy and low temperature weather conditions not easily found. The reasons for excluding battery appears difficult to start the most likely reason is that the valve Caused by excessive carbon deposition. Thermostat failure can cause the engine to remember a long time can not be given temperature, resulting in poor fuel economy. These two cost about 1,000 yuan or more. Mist: Demister to ensure your clear vision. Some of the film used cars, car washing and other reasons damaged windshield fog, caused by frost and fog can not eliminate, to the traffic safety and security. Defogger and windshield are one, General alone can not repair, replacement costs as little as a few hundred dollars according to different models as many as several thousand dollars. Belt: Do not wait until the belt is usually issued when the terrible screams remembered to check it. In the engine cooling, check the belt for damage, defects, cracks or wear surface due to light the circumstances, if the above conditions, table Show should be replaced. Large amount of electricity in winter, the motor belt should be changed early morning inspection. Cost about 200 yuan. Tires: Check the tires to buy second-hand car in winter is also very important, once the tire wear, will not provide enough friction, thereby affecting driving safety. The emergence of this issue is very dangerous in any season, especially Winter. Check the tires, and needs to pay attention to tire pressure, tread pattern. Check the tires without rupture, a serious imbalance or tread wear. Note that the tread depth is less than 4 mm have been part of tire does not meet the required safety standards driving Standards, it will not provide enough friction. Should be replaced immediately, four tires basically the cost of more than 2,000 yuan (not including mini vehicles). Brake system: Autumn and winter, the most troublesome is the fear of driving snow slippery roads meet, and many accidents is because driving in the snow and ice caused problems due to the brake system, so buying second-hand car in the braking system for the inspection Can not be ignored. First, provide visual brake discs and brake wear, brake discs if the obvious gully has formed, put the brakes have worn out pieces, which must be replaced. Secondly, in the road test, the step Few brakes, there is no deviation observed the vehicle, sliding phenomenon, if it is necessary to pump the brakes, oil, and the frame for further examination. In addition, many new cars now have ABS anti-lock braking system is installed, you can Through at high speed emergency braking foot back stretch to feel the size of the work to determine whether it is normal ABS Jiang Wenhui remind consumers to buy second-hand car, we choose to buy used cars at this time, mostly hoping to driving a car to go home to visit relatives, friends and relatives to the New Year, so when the car in addition to the above described steam Car parts check to see if the normal work, best done before the Spring Festival to give the vehicle a thorough physical examination, to prevent any unnecessary trouble, we can be happy to have a reunion years. In the case of site Original articles, reprinted, please indicate the source: vehicles in China.