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Buy used cars online advertising cheated gullible taken three thousand yuan I

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"It should not believe in selling cars online advertising." Recently, the city a group of people on the Internet when buying a used Buick, cheated out of 3,000 yuan. Recently, members of the public to see Mr. Meng online used car sales site for a shot a special sale of used car advertising slogan, a Buick sedan only 5 million. Cheap and low mileage vehicle, Mr. Meng echocardiography, according to the website to stay in contact with this second-hand car sales company made contact. The company, one staff member told him, in order to ensure that transactions proceed smoothly, you must first pay 1,000 yuan deposit, followed by an account reserved for Mr. Meng. Mr. Meng did not hesitate to import the deposit of this account. Three days later, the company has called the staff said, the car has to Laiwu, and about Mr. Meng front of a supermarket in the city to look at cars, but need to pay 2,000 yuan and then we can look at cars. Mr. Meng Import again to 2,000 yuan. Then, the seller letting Mr. Meng's transfer fee to pay 5,000 yuan. The spate of suction gold face each other, Mr. Meng feel some strange things. When Mr. Meng met the requirements and each other, when the cold number-crunching, did not think the other one refused. Mr. Meng contact each other again, the other is turned off. At this time, Mr. Meng realized I fooled, but too late, the other at this time Mr. Meng has been defrauded of three thousand dollars.