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How to choose an appropriate car to sit set?

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If say car interior decorates the word with the most important what, a lot of people can choose seating, can reflect the style of the person that drive already, also can make oneself pleasurable. Current, the car seating with more popular market basically differentiates for seating of car of edition of seating of car of seating of athletic edition car, fashionable edition, cotton art 3 old series, let the style characteristic that these 7 colour seating see in light of us.

Athletic edition

The design of seating of athletic edition car and modelling reflected campaign and the fashionable element of halfback, suit to assemble particularly in like the horse 6, beautiful 307 beautiful 206 wait for the model that contains athletic element to go up. The design of athletic edition is mature arrived athletic model is right in rapid movement process the strict requirement of the comfortable sex of car seating and security, have good wrap up sex and heat preservation effect.

The seating of athletic edition suits those 30 years old or so particularly, advocate outdoors motion, have motility case, like athletic money the male car of the car advocate anthology outfit.

Fashionable edition

Came in the winter, fashionable the seating that the fashionable and dye-in-the-wood love car that you also want to be you matchs a having sth new, had better be fashionable and practical. Because this is in,the cotton with this seasonal cheap and fine choose and buy pledges the seating of fashionable edition also becomes a kind of popularity, inclination of well-off of fierce wind of vogue of classical like wind of Chinese knot, China, Europe, fair maiden, army brigade, family, cartoon let a person find everything new and fresh, picture of the credential in still having lets China culture can be experienced again while you are enjoying vogue.

Mention world picture like parameter of strange luck QQ, POLO() and the car of model of edition of a few motion advocate the seating that can consider to pick the fashionable edition that installs these pure cotton, "Warm interest " dye-in-the-wood, vogue travels together with practical, economy.

Cotton art edition

The make it of complete cotton cloth that the seating of this version moves by warm color, composed and easy, use material of pure cotton of high density twill, not shrink, do not fade, without electrostatic, feel is comfortable, tear open outfit clean convenient, and the heat preservation need that fits autumn particularly. The price is relatively cheap, the wrap up sex to the person and easy are measurable at the same time also had covered than the skin, integral upkeep costs is covered than the skin low much.

The car that seating of cotton art edition suits 40 years old to control advocate, they are sedate and deal with concrete matters relating to work, in the meantime, install this kind of seating also with in high-grade car vehicle advocate be in the majority.
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