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You Jie amounts to a phenomenon to view public praise sale!

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By what with car couplet Xi Huigang announces data will show September, nimble is amounted to in September crop 18277, sales volume 15586, still maintaining powerful sale momentum 8 when come forth in large numbers in new car years. Forecast in the personage inside numerous course of study, as in last few years more and more new cars are rolled out, old 3 appearance will retreat city in succession, before paragraph the message retreating city of time Fu Kang appears also confirm this bit, dan Jie is amounted to continuously the impetus of sell like hot cakes should let this prophecy it seems that by delay implementation till the cows come home.

The sales volume that nimble amounts to is climbed in year after year litre, not only the sign that did not remove city, and vibrant. Someone says, as a result of,the rise that nimble amounts to sales volume basically is in recent years

Common saying says, golden cup silver cup is inferior to common people public praise, the art that the reason is transmitting a kind of sale that is not a manufacturer at traditional public praise, art of flicker, however after the product serves to be approbated in what get a large number of users, initiative deliver and form. Nimble is amounted to retain the amount is huge, transmission of its public praise has huge masses base not only, and the channel of transmission is varied also, besides personal user, still have medium of communication of two large dominant positions, it is taxi line of business and train car line of business, taxi cultured economic benefits, so the respect such as the practical, convenience sex to the car, economy has very high demand, nimble amounts to one of old delegates that serve as a taxi, itself is in of this respect appeal to beg have very strong conviction, leave by the transmission in the mouth of those old drivers again, nimble amounts to the delegate that became practical, save worry, be economical naturally. And train car is a lot of cars advocate the first leaves, even the car of bring into contact with, the first impression of first impressions are strongest became the source that public praise transmits naturally also.

The diversification that transmits channel makes the public praise transmission that nimble amounts to achieved very good result, but what cannot ignore is, key or the product kimono Wu that amount to in Yu Jie accord with the China's current and extensive demand that use a car, cause an user to undertake conduct propaganda can initiatively to its. So, sale of so called public praise cannot break away from this a little bit, the public praise sale of the manufacturer must build the public praise in the tradition to transmit a foundation to go up.

Public praise results from the user self-identity to product and service, so, public praise sale is to depend on undertaking be digginged again to this kind of self-identity of the user, organize an orderly transmission to publicize, achieve the result of aggrandizement. This is one enhances brand appeal power actually, develop the process that client faithfulness spends. Besides, the brand fixed position that public praise sale changes to building difference is indispensable, the precede person of every fractionize domain can represent the demand feature of this domain most necessarily, for example, mention sturdy durable, a lot of people can think of nimble is amounted to; Mention practical car, abstruse develop is a delegate, those who favore vogue is Qq; Respecting official car, what 10 have 89 to think of is Ao Di A6 is waited a moment, this originates mostly actually the public praise of consumer user, manufacturer people apply sale shift to try to use, can have the effect of aggrandizement.
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