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"Jin Jiuyin 10 " strategy of small-sized car choose and buy

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"Jin Jiuyin 10 " advent, car city enters a tradition to sell flourishing period, small-sized car also was greeted this year new round buy upsurge. But consumer of current and small-sized car is more buy a car first, the standard weighs the stand or fall of a small-sized car with what kind of, they not can accurate judgement. And, small-sized car product is various, how to buy the model that fits oneself to already became the issue that consumer cares most. Accordingly, engage by special arrangement of our newspaper reporter cropland of wide steam abundant specializes in inn adviser of senior car sale guides for consumer buy.

   Safe: Small-sized car security nots allow to ignore

Below the case that sends high in accident of current liaison man, safety has become the chief consideration factor when consumer buys a car. After all, safety gets assuring, other ability is significant.

So, what kind of car is ability safe? Sale adviser summed up for everybody at 4 o'clock: See safe collision check achievement, in automobile group, more authoritative safe collision test should belong to European E-ncap, still Japanese J-ncap also has force quite in the Asia, and the C-ncap collision that our country course of study already began also is worth reference very much. The famous model of marketing whole world, although be in the money of each country put into production somewhat difference, but of the product pledge element is to won't be changed basically, because of this Ncap of different area (New Car Assessment Program namely new car collision checks) achievement, can panorama ground reflects the safety performance level with this actual car.

The Yalishi of Guangzhou abundant cropland, obtained the opinion of E-ncap5 star, J-ncap6 star, this is up to now, small-sized car obtains the result of best and safe collision that pass. C-ncap test of Yalishi is undertaking in, although final result had be notted announce, but the outcome that knows from media at present also is quite outstanding. So, the car of high safe level that chooses to was similar to Yalishi to get orgnaization of various places major is maintained so, nature can provide the safe protection that family reachs the designated position in the round truly.

2 see passive and safe configuration. Air bag is very important safe configuration generally speaking, gasbag is more, passive and safe configuration is richer (gasbag is much, other configuration manufacturer often also won't grudge) , the security of small-sized car is jumped over relatively tall. Current, the mainstream on the market is small-sized the car is 2 safe gasbag, a few model has 4 gasbag, and 1.6l model is Yalishi completely mark matchs 6srs air bag, this is extremely infrequent on domestic small-sized automobile body. Although also have a share,small-sized car has 6 safe gasbag, but also be the top matchs onefold model to just match only, the passive and safe configuration that can say Yalishi gives priority to gasbag abounded acme.
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