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Skill of car insurance claim for compensation!

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Super and practical! Skill of car insurance claim for compensation!
The friend that buys a car bought car a place difficult of access certainly. But in the car danger article of the insurance company nowadays, it is trap however heavily!
Disclose the doubts and suspicions in the trap of insurance company and article with respect to dispatch today, looked to if have,be harvested later, ask everybody to help me carry on the head!
Include the case of be or get out of danger with much N, have real direct sense very much, the hope is helpful to everybody.
The clearest explain, the insurance article that exclusive Everyman can understand.
(One) car caustic, a third party
(2) lose a car
(3) hit a car
(4) claim for compensation
Clauses essence is solved (one) - car caustic, a third party
We say the mainest car caustic risk is mixed first 3 duty danger.
Car caustic danger and 3 duty the with average that is car insurance nearly, main compensation is sure the loss of car and the loss that bring by a third party be givinged by insurance car in use!
You feel probably even if the car loss that natural disaster causes, insurance company also illuminates compensate not by accident!
This word was opposite half, the loss that major natural disaster causes compensate, alone is same except--------Earthquake!
Case 1: If your car has favour to be broken by the building in the earthquake, ha
Answer a method: Shake of and other places applies for a few days to compensate for again afterwards
Allegation of be or get out of danger: Cause wall body to become loose as a result of the earthquake probably, toppled in some day eventually (do not allude the be or get out of danger when the earthquake)
★ ★ case 2: If your love car is in in slam the brakes on, the Dong Dongfei in the car arrived on windscreen cause vitreous rupture. How should you say?
Of your conscientiously say to insurance company: "My paper towel box flew to hit glass, "Clang. . . . . . " (exercise to benefit the internal organs is quite tall, ah breathe out) "
You are miserable. . . . . . That actuary can point to his mouth: "The opening that sees me please---------No! ! !!
Answer a method correctly: Alter a fact smally
Allegation of be or get out of danger: The friend of result of my an experienced head crossing iron crashed windscreen when brake, ok!
Remember, suffer inside the car of article bump place to suffer lose, insurance company not of compensate! !
Case 3: If you produced collision with other vehicle when trailer when
Answer a method: Oversight the thing that a few facts exist
Allegation of be or get out of danger: Do not carry you to be in pulling car or by others pulling, otherwise no matter you have accident responsibility, insurance company is same not compensate
★ case 4: If you are when the accident, broke oneself glass to did not go up again when vitreous danger, are you met to insurance company claim for compensation?
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