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Biyadi F0 " 10059 " meaning!

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Close the Biyadike of paragraph of time calls is topic focus. It is a god first Buffett 1.8 billion HK dollar becomes a shareholder, catch Biyadi up to 200 million yuan of RMB is large-scale the abb in buying Ning Bo. And those who be in Shenzhen a few days ago is tall hand in on the meeting, electric motor-car of Biyadi was to become more make the largest window on the meeting high. However, these just have the central issue of meaning of deep administrative levels more, the focus of truly real significance is, when appearing on the market, allege the Biyadi that wants a month to sell 8000 F0, will sell September " 10059 " .

According to the statistical data with newest association of Chinese auto industry, the sales volume of F0 will achieve Biyadi September 10059. This is one lets a person really

Open-eyed number, want to know, f0 appears on the market to also be controlled with respect to a month. Remember clearly, be in Shenzhen appear on the market on the news briefing, the end that announces F0 when Biyadi is a month when selling 8000, attendant how many media is interrogative a such number. 8000? In the small car market that means F0 to want to there are 50 thousand or so only in the capacity then, race to control arrives 15% market share of the left and right sides. It is however in doubt sound, f0 used Biyadi the time of a month proved this number, not only such, the sales volume of F0 surpassed this number, this is close paragraph time comes, biyadi has the central issue of real significance most.

To the market, such figure is the most significant, the most intuitionistic. Its meaning is to Biyadi character not just, more important is, the sales volume of F0 proved the real demand of small car market. QQ sold the past the appointed time that makes a person aesthetic and fatigue when to make old and when doing not have adversary, this is not the honor of strange luck, however the distress of small car market. With respect to current market environment, the portion of small car market won't be 50 thousand right-and-left capacity only, that is only in those days the wrong judgement that QQ grants us, this fractionize market still should be increased. Can have wrong judgement, because the model does not have intense competition be caused by,be right-down, want to know, strange luck QQ all the time since the leading role position that holding this fractionize market.

Of course, the competition of eliminate model itself, oil price is rising and the young trend of car consumption group also is among them a bit important. We should not go exorbitantly look upon now the 80 actual strength buying a car after, to the consumer of this group, buying a car is two extremes. Extremely rich individual character 80 hind, the choice can be the nimble when Asidumading perhaps is protected such costly racing bike, and those who hold majority is common 80 hind consume a group, buy a car to be able to consider the sexual price of the exterior and model to compare only, this namely in those days " fresh give heat " the fervent cause that why strange luck QQ betrays all the time. Sexual price is compared and the exterior just is the absolutely element that this group decides to buy a car. And at present Biyadi the largest dominant position of F0 is, the appearance of novel vogue can get young customer approbate. This is just like our most familiar mobile phone product, differ in price quality very few below the circumstance, the consumer of great majority can choose " new fund " . This is consumer a kind of normal consumption state of mind, especially what we emphasize 80 hind.
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