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Car danger is cast protect channel diversity to need fine weigh in the hand

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The product of same home company, because differ procuratorially, the discount is different; Different company is same kind of car danger product, as a result of channel different, difference is bigger also... opaque cost rate discount, confused market channel allow a lot of cars advocate lane is not clear. So, in insurance company, car intermediary of 4 s inn, insurance acts as agent wait for a few kinds to basically be cast in maintaining channel, which kinds of channel to adopt to buy insurance after all is ability more substantial, have more assure? The reporter also had a few knowledge.

Insurance company is cast directly protect

Benefit: Car advocate cast to insurance company personally protect, the business personnel that has insurance company is planted to every insurance risk, clauses undertakes introduce in detail and explaining, put forward to be sure to suggest to offer reference according to the actual condition of policy-holder, can choose to fit oneself insurance product more, make oneself interest gets more sufficient safeguard. Policy-holder is cast to insurance company directly protect, because reduced operating costs, rate of cost of commercial car danger can be hit at most 7 fold. Policy-holder can obtain more in insurance service respect

information and service. The most important can avoid to be mixed to cheat by misdirect of a few illegal intermediary namely. Many insurance company rolled out the motor vehicle such as representative of the phone sale, sale on the net, bank to cast maintain new channel, cast with convenient client protect.

Fraud: Client must him at every turn starts work hold do, especially when the claim for compensation after be or get out of danger, to a lot of clients that do not understand manage compensate process, the meeting when dealing with formalities feels opposite to compare a trouble.

Of 4 s inn cast defend a service

Benefit: 4 s inn rolled out each brand now the service buying a car of one continuous line, car advocate after the car is bought inside inn, car insurance can be bought in inn. According to reporter understanding, car advocate buy car business insurance through 4 s inn, when if appear,needing insurance company be or get out of danger, compensation accidentally in the future, can carry the telephone of be or get out of danger that dials insurance company not only, the insurance adviser that still can carry 4 s inn has newspaper a place difficult of access. Besides, the risk of safe and advisory newspaper that carries 4 s inn, car advocate can enjoy " man-to-man " linear service.

Fraud: Relative to character, on the high side of support value case is delivered in 4 s inn. "At present our inn handles new car cast the takes sales volume probably 20 % that protect. " the staff member of ministry of customer service of inn of some 4 s tells a reporter, a lot of cars advocate do not drop the account that keep in 4 s inn, basically be the price because of them slightly a few taller. To this, their explanation says, insurance company and 4 s inn are signed have relevant agreement, cast inside 4 s inn protect, car advocate what can obtain insurance company to maintain place to need charge place computation to go out according to 4 s inn is opposite taller compensate pays amount, is not go out according to computation of institute of plant of general vehicle maintenance and repair " 2, 3 kinds " compensate pays amount.
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