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Two handcart buying and selling does not forget to transfer insurance

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A lot of cars that buy two handcart advocate, the each function index that takes a car seriously very checks, forget easily however ask for car danger guarantee slip, some thinks it is OK to take guarantee slip. When insurance company claim for compensation is found after be or get out of danger, the car that just knows to go up because of insurance policy advocate without change the name of owner in a register, cannot get insurance gold.

So, the car that buys two handcart advocate, want Xiang Yuan car above all advocate ask for car danger guarantee slip, after taking car danger guarantee slip, want and primary vehicle advocate arrive together cast the insurance company that protect to do business change the name of owner in a register of hall general guarantee slip, change becomes his full name. Otherwise, once be or get out of danger, two handcart car advocate cannot take compensation. The advantage of change the name of owner in a register is two handcart not just advocate the insurance safeguard that can enjoy this car then, expire till insurance, and if do not have be or get out of danger, cast in below one year when protecting, two handcart advocate still can apply for with guarantee slip of the current year of 10% without reparations give special treatment.

If original car advocate did not cast defend commercial risk or cast how to protect inadequacy to do? Expert proposal, as a result of two handcart car advocate be opposite normally new car condition lack understands bought two handcart, so need check and ratify is cast keep the specified number enough, if want seasonable complement not quite, especially 89 into new car, the fully comprehensive insurance on need.

So, two handcart are cast after all protect the how many ability that keep the specified number to calculate sum to cast protect, avoid waste again? Some people think, two handcart are cast by new car price protect, protect so that many compensate gets much also, lose an old car, perhaps return can compensate gives a new car to come, actually otherwise. A market prise is only 100 thousand yuan secondhand car, car advocate should cast the safeguard that protects 200 thousand yuan above quota unluckily, once be or get out of danger, insurance company can pay according to the actual loss compensate of the car only, impossible compensate gives 200 thousand yuan to come.