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The rain that do not have bone brushs implement skill of choose and buy: Try out

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The market after the car is perpetual in the flying development of auto industry bring to sb's attention, be apart from understanding, automobile articles for use appears conspicuous especially in the development of the last few years, but because development starts,compare evening, it is so in such industries, all sorts of non-standard phenomena still still exist. For this, editorial office is special the small doohickey that searchs a few choose and buys and use automobile articles for use on the net, in order to offer reference:

The rain that do not have bone is brushed implement

◎ quality not the rain do not have bone of beautiful is brushed implement, its steel piece general not quite good, use for a long time be out of shape very easily. Because do not have bone rain to brush implement quality is lighter, or else uses good steel piece, the meeting when high speed drives suffers wind- driven influence to happen to shake strongly, accompany even have abnormal knocking.

◎ sees the rain that do not have bone brush implement film, excellent tasted feature is apparent, film blade level off is smooth, the extruding that use a hand can feel have tenacity very much very solid, and opposite situation, film very coarse, exert all his strength with the hand tear off, tear down likely broken broken bits, such rain that do not have bone is brushed implement cannot guarantee the airtight performance that blows water of course, more do not make mark of the anhydrous that blow mop, the job rises smaller effect, namely car advocate people the rain that often blames is brushed implement always blow sordid.

◎ notices to look carefully at the rain that do not have bone to brush implement on the strong pitch of crucial solder contact and exact extent, this is brushed to this rain implement whether to install easily, whether wear-resisting is durable send it is important to close.

◎ wants test and verify is brushed one pair without bone rain implement actor bad, the most efficient way is try out, of course agency makes consumer impossibly informal try out, latter can ask the businessman offers try out to taste. After been use, can discover, high grade the rain that do not have bone is brushed implement the rain when can reducing travel of car high speed is brushed implement oscillatory frequency second reach range, reduce rain to brush piece to glass wear away.

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