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Two handcart clinch a deal price goes high

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Last week, trade from two handcart the market understands, cool the two handcart of two many months trade once more fervent rise, car clinchs a deal the price has different rate rise.

"Sell now car and stop a car busy we are dizzy. " some broker company manages personnel introduction inside two handcart market, "Only even numbers is executed to be restricted to go during the Olympic Games, partial person chooses to buy the two handcart with the low-cost, high rate that keep a cost to give make things convenient for somebody be accommodating, during the Olympic Games two cars rotate is used, only now even numbers ended, these people put redundant car again return two handcart market in. "

In addition, car inquiry customer is bought inside the market apparent increase. Have certain proportion as a result of pedlar of ground of China and foreign countries of two handcart consumer, the reason waits into Beijing inconvenience during the Olympic Games, two handcart market is cool many, and after solution is restricted now, pedlar people again more active.

"The person that buys a car now is much, our inventory is digested unchallenged, the profit that sells a car also can a few taller. " a two handcart agent expresses, "After Olympic Games and National Day, our inn trades the volume rises near one times, and still can sell a good price. "

According to introducing, at present the 2004 golf on the market clinchs a deal valence is controlled in 70 thousand yuan, the nimble 2004 amounts to the price to be controlled in 60 thousand yuan, this kind of rate that keep a cost clinchs a deal relative to taller model valence all has different rate rise.