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Two handcart choose 5 attentions

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Want to search accident trace. You can observe whether the crossbeam of chassis is symmetrical, the screw of fixed electron fan, cistern has deny open his eyes afresh; Whether is windshield balata sealing strip passed to wait by new outfit. Normally for, accident car had better not be bought, because accident car is in,much hidden trouble exists on safe travel.

2 should inspect automobile body condition. Observe dashboard and door leave the rustily case of rafter carefully. Generally speaking, just begin the 4th year what the plank of these places is using rustily, rustily more serious specification uses fixed number of year to grow more.

3 should treat engine exterior and locomotive condition. The engine with car better condition is started easily, idle fast movement is smooth, all without exception shakes regularly; The place such as mat of oily base case, cylinder, sparkplug does not have leakage oily, slack, flat; If the tail gas of eduction shows system of circuit of engine of black lubricious specification, high pressure, combustion to have some of problem; The tail gas of eduction shows blue, demonstrative piston annulus wears away serious, engine oil strings together firebox be caused by.

4 want those who examine tire to wear away degree. Car use fixed number of year and travel course of development become direct ratio, travel course of development is less car condition is better, the integral car that sees odograph add the wear out condition of tire to be able to judge a two handcart roughly besides.

The 5 travel function that should experience car. Judge two handcart of bad of car condition actor the directest the ride comfort that experiencing is car travel. When test-drive, when it is normal that travel waits for engine temperature to arrive for some time, the voice that hears engine carefully is smooth, often shift gears, look to be mixed quickly the report of the car when decelerate is smooth, gear-box synchronized is agile. Temporarily loose on broad road surface steering wheel, see a car whether be met sideslip. If you are when test-drive, once high speed car happens to shake out of order, especially steering wheel shakes, explain this car is put in serious and integrated problem, should change to try.