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Buy car danger to answer vigilant 5 trap

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After rate of car danger cost is commercialized, of insurance company " service battle " as one falls, car advocate choice range is wider. But, insurance expert reminds, the relevant cost that should wait for index to compare each company according to safety performance of area of his model, car age, travel, car leads customer, buy car a place difficult of access selectively, cast under vigilance protect trap.

Trap one: Build carry out danger to plant forcibly. In current car danger sort, belong to the branch that make a valve only mandatory of the requirement " danger of responsibility of a third party " it is a car advocate must buy, the danger such as car caustic danger and danger of guard against theft is planted is to be able to offer the danger of the choice to plant, but, a few cars trade the market binds danger of responsibility danger, guard against theft and car caustic danger rise to be sold as with average.

Trap 2: Misdirect car advocate cast protect. Insurance expert says, passenger danger, glass is broken cutoff of thing of danger, car loss danger advocate personal interest, car advocate can buy, and spontaneous combustion danger, goods danger and battalion use lie at anchor sail loss danger need not buy. But, or does not give some car danger agent the car advocate the explanation is clear, or misdirect car advocate cast protect, make a few cars that do not have experience advocate bought the insurance that ought not to be bought or need not buy.

Trap 3: Revulsive cast above quota protect or repeat cast protect. Chamber of commerce of distribute of a few cars is revulsive car advocate cast above quota protect or repeat cast protect expend with earning a representative more. Actually, more or less is insurance company compensate decided according to the actual condition of car be or get out of danger completely, because be protected so that get with respect to compensate more,do not meet much. In addition, " insurance law " regulation, the insurance amount summation that repeats assurance exceeds insurance value, the summation of the indemnity of each underwriter must not exceed insurance value. Accordingly, policy-holder casts a few to protect more also won't get compensate pays exceeding value.

Trap 4: Acting personnel buckles sheet. Agent of a few insurance or false representative are in after pulling guarantee slip, do not give directly insurance company, however wait for one's chance and move. If car advocate not be or get out of danger, insurance cost is buckled with respect to oneself fell; If car advocate went out danger, small him risk draws out money compensate to pay finish sth, big risk criterion try every means cheats a company, went even.

Trap 5: Guarantee slip mix the false with the genuine. Current, the guarantee slip that a few false representatives use and bill look suddenly, with as good as of normal insurance company. Accordingly, consumer wants to check seriously when taking insurance policy testimony, card reading sheet triplex whether to use white to be printed without carbolic carbon, add Yin Jianhe color to prevent bogus ground lines, whether does its top left corner imprint have " China is sure to supervise administrative committee supervise the manufacture of " model of written characters, whether does top right corner imprint have " be restricted to be saved in some (city, municipality) sale " model of written characters. If do not have, should reject to sign.
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