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3 action make you comfortable clean out two handcart

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Kunming transfers first times the spot activity of the section is about to begin, besides what will transfer outside, still many readers prepare to be in transfer a two handcart are cleaned out on the section. Of course, want accurate the value that assesses a two handcart is very difficult, professional two handcart evaluate need to detect meticulously through 200 multinomial major. Here Yunnan Bin gallop Li Bin of general manager of car service limited company instructs you 3 court.


Two handcart hard to avoid has had knock against or cut, because this wants to see automobile body paint film have,do not have fall off, new impress of facial Qi Youmo, notice the brim, adornment at the same time reach balata

Weather strip and window all around, look to whether remain paints the trace is mixed " shed lacquer " trace, if have a proof,this car may have nick, damage.

See the juncture between end of head of door, car, car and automobile body flowing. In sit part of railroad car of etc of chair, carpet is had abnormal ferruginous or rustily.

The interior trim of the car is clean, tire wear out condition is serious wait, the use time length that can see this car and primary vehicle advocate to the car maintain good.

Additional, read each vitta, conduit, line even whether ageing, have the mark with the slack oil that do not have leakage. Set vehicle standard from hind look ahead, of roof horizontal whether to become linear, if rough, put possibly in tire to wear away, shock absorber, bedspring or suspension have a problem.

2 feel

Can feel the suitable slippery sex of automobile body with the hand, the place that has made paint feels meeting feeling is not suitable not slippery, exquisite, automobile body is rough also whole.

Open door back and forth, open waterproof glue, postmortem door opens shut smooth degree, check ABC column, whether to show with door all the time line, waterproof glue whether level off, whether does the Yin Ding mark when primary vehicle is united in wedlock leave near door.

3 drive

Enter a car inside, check all sorts of electric equipment above all, include to turn to system of headlight of the lamp, car, central heating, air conditioning system, radio to wait to whether can run normally. The voice that engine hears first after ignition is quiet, have abnormal knocking, listen attentively to locomotive condition smooth.

Start, examination clutch union is smooth, depart is complete, whether does separation and reunion quiver, hair is noisy. From start to be added stage by stage block, decrease by high speed again block to low speed, see transmission shift gears agile, block a put into gear to whether be arranged individually slippery, have block without chaos, jump block etc, whether to have abnormal knocking voice. Feel shake, if have, likely front suspension or wheel have a problem, or transmission shaft has a problem.
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