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How do two handcart see recessive problem from the exterior

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Buy two handcart, when primary vehicle advocate after signing up for price of dispatch a vehicle, buy the issue that the home can point out to naked eye can see only, cut the price very hard. So, where is the recessive problem that how finds out the existence on car exterior very can professionally?

★ sees lumbar line show 45 degrees of horn to read roof and door sex line. If have twist, this car has been hit by side certainly. Next, see that traverse car from beginning to end even " lumbar line " . If lumbar line is uneven or screwy, criterion car has happened probably to brush touch.

★ sees door everybody knows, door basically is a square. If door is bumped into hind, did not change new gate, ban gold

The master is very difficult recover from an illness old door.

Casing of ★ guard the entrance if this place gave an accident, passed side to bump especially, repair hind can leave mark of apparent solder lapping defect usually. Those who need an attention is, a lot of accident traces are concealed below sealing strip.

★ sees 3 column

Some two handcart are be contrabanded from abroad or spell the car of outfit, it is by the waist cuts a roof commonly, take out coping, after reaching another place next, solder coping again rise. Adopt this kind of method, can will truckload become component and escape truckload duty. But, the car that after the event solders, in the root ministry of 3 column of A, B, C, regular meeting stays solder reach the mark that blows ash.

★ sees mothball compartment open mothball box, watch the clean rate inside, look to have watermark and oil stains. In the meantime, with nose smell taste, look to whether have mildew taste. If above circumstance does not have one escape by sheer luck to exist, show a car advocate it is the person that does not cherish a car at ordinary times, car is used very painstakingly certainly, and scanty at maintaining, harm degree inevitable very big.