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"Hear flavour " know car condition breakdown of car of judgement of 3 kinds of p

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Car peculiar smell one: Anxious burnt flavour

Car is unusual: Electrical wiring burn down, separation and reunion piece burn caustic or do not have let go Buddhist templeput on the brakes

If there is anxious burnt flavour to be transmitted inside the car in travel, be about microscope car besides. Because overheat of the electrical wiring inside the car is brought about,this kind of circumstance is mostly, usually Chun Xia season produces electrical wiring temperature exorbitant circumstance will be more, if discover not in time, cause circuit very easily complete attaint, engine pulls a crock, truckload even the phenomenon such as spontaneous combustion.

And the fountainhead of flavour of another kind of anxious burnt is separation and reunion piece or the problem of hand Buddhist templeput on the brakes, meeting be mingled with is returned to wear commonly in flavour of this kind of anxious burnt anxious stink,

Close piece material is character wait for a variety of material by balata and asbestine compound and into. It is very normal to if clutch is used,rise, also do not have apparently difficult put into gear or start the circumstance such as difficulty, the odour that and get off smells does not come from car forehead, however the car is hind, all has the braking system after that is about to check to happen without overheat circumstance.

Car peculiar smell 2: Excitant stink

Car is unusual: Electrolyte leak or deficit

Go up when junior high school, chemical teacher tastes with respect to what had taught vulcanization hydrogen to send out even if " smelly egg " flavour. If smell in driving daily,have the taste of similar vulcanization hydrogen, it is a car commonly inside wet storage battery occurrence problem, because wet storage battery need is stored by what electrolyte will achieve electric energy and change, but can produce a kind of pungent flavour when electrolyte happening leak; In the meantime, when if electrolyte is used up,passing loss of much as a result, the dynamo when the car moves can charge forcibly to accumulator, can make accumulator charges at this moment overheat risks Bai Yan, taste will be more bad.

Car peculiar smell 3: Unboiled oil flavour

Car is unusual: For oily system occurrence leakage or gasoline tank are damaged

If be in illicit home car,smell unboiled oil flavour, that appears for oily system with respect to the delegate unusual. The way produces the petroleum pipeline after car is being used for long likely chap, should encounter bumpy fuel a bit only at this moment possible leakage. Accordingly, smell when there is unusually oily taste inside the car, should the keep to the side on the horse jockeys, microscope oil path, the ability after the position that affirms leakage oil and serious degree again start off.

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