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You can not ignore before vehicle failure 6 kinds of little evidence

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In the process that in us the car drives, can appear a few not be apparent car symptom, and what these little evidence fall to affect you to drive likely in particular case truly is comfortable with safety, each car friend should add an attention more.

Phenomenon one: Car takes a car quickly, oily cost raises; Cold start-up is not smooth, even cold start-up is difficult.

Reason: Reason of this kind of breakdown is more, this kind of problem appears after long-distance travel probable it is uses oil article have a problem. The oily quality quantity of gas station is uneven now, if benzine is deposited when

Longer, or benzine character itself has a problem, can make colloid content overmuch in benzine. After car uses this kind of gas, meeting generation is many and colloid all round inlet valve, make inlet valve moves not free, serious meeting makes inlet valve blocks sluggish in the motion when cold car, engine is started not easily.

Settle way:

It is colloid and OK that 1. accumulates carbon slightly the method that adopts the fluid that use drug to clean.

2. accumulates carbon badly colloid can tear open crock lid next clearing undertaking only, clean oil path even. Some provinces city is using alcohol gas, if character does not have a problem, what won't be endangered to engine, need not clean oil path.

Phenomenon 2: Car bottom occurrence leakage is oily.

Reason: Leakage oil appears to a few is plant commonly after long-distance travel likelihood. It is road surface twist above all, happen in travel pull a copy, it is casual sometimes, contuse oily base case slightly, there is not discovery at that time, leakage of the discovery after coming back is oily; Also may be to start pilot time high speed to run, resemble turning to the place such as the pump that help strength, gear-box to because negative charge is bigger,may produce leakage oil. The crankcase of engine is ventilated when often maintaining by oversight, question of low speed travel is not big, the meeting when high speed travel creates force of crankcase internal pressure exorbitant, engine oil occurrence leakage.


1. makes chassis of the examination when maintaining, change the component of attaint.

2. is done maintenance technician lets check leakage place when maintaining, undertake tightening solid or change corresponding oil seal.

3. does the attention when maintaining crankcase is ventilated of the component maintain.

Phenomenon 3: Low speed travel gives out those who have rhythm buzzing abnormal knocking, abnormal knocking of high speed travel is abate.

Reason: Of car four-wheel location is not exact, long-distance travel wears away to tire bigger, tire is formed slant grind, give out abnormal knocking.
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