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Go to market of the end of the year of two handcart city trades quantity get war

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Current, as home new car market will greet hind of get warm again after a cold spell in September, two handcart markets of domestic also than before a lot of more active. Reporter from beautiful country, inferior the car such as city trades business door understands the two handcart of the market, the closest quantity stopping a car and trade the quantity has rise apparently.

■ grow in quantity of person selling a car

A this city two handcart dealer shows: "Before two handcart market is compared recently a lot of more active, the person that will sell a car is apparently much. "

The reporter also discovers in interview, as the get warm again after a cold spell of two handcart city, the cold and cheerless before this not little two handcart bug is much also rise, the reporter's Che Gang arrives at the door the market, the inquiry will whether want sell a car before many people go up. In addition, inn is specialized in in two handcart inside, the car that advisory price comes to before advocate many, still be to drive personally more very come over, immediate evaluation. To this, the relevant controller that Zhuo Jie goes expresses: "After only even numbers is restricted to end all right, the car that has two cars partly advocate the choice sells his old car, sell the person of the car apparent increase recently accordingly. "

To this, car of Ya Yun Cun trades Su Hui of market general manager expresses: "Before this, because the traffic of the Olympic Games is restricted to be affected all right, many conditional people bought the 2nd car, end the rise with oil price as what be restricted to go now, people begins to handle the old car in him hand, this also makes two handcart resource soars. In the meantime, beijing field also was greeted transfer fastigium, this also is one of reasons of grow in quantity of two handcart resource. "

Of course, besides afore-mentioned influence, facing close the end of the year also is the traditional gold season that two handcart trade. A two handcart trade personnel introduction, according to two handcart trade regular, two handcart are commonly will revise price according to a particular year, because this sells inside year,the car is mixed next year resell, allowance for depreciation can differ, the car has very big price difference, for this many people can choose to sell the car before the end of the year go out.

■ two handcart of short duration cannot proper motion number

Of personalized name brand carry out afresh, also brought development turning point for two handcart market.

Luo Lei of current association deputy secretary-general is accepting Chinese car when interviewing, express: "After restoring personalized name brand, two handcart market will greet a batch of to the limit of one's capacity, because of many illicit home cars advocate may be this and buy new car ahead of schedule, on resell drops old car after the card. "
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