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Choose two handcart to still answer canvass frame

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When choosing two handcart must microscope frame, because major accident car is on frame,can leave a mark.

Frame is bumped after be out of shape, a few harmful response can appear in travel. Change direction for instance not inhomogenous, stable; There is the sound of sth astir of the wheel in straight travel process; Tire has slant grind a trace; The phenomenon such as the sideslip when apply the brake. When static condition, can check respectively left, right whether is the around wheel of two side become linear, either explain integral frame bends point-blank; See the clearance of the side after every wheel and wheelhouse answer roughly identical, explain frame or integral automobile body have otherwise curve evidence. Open hood, see perforative and whole engine two carling of cabin have without solder or the trace of craze. Much has the reinforcement of perforative around on car batholith, can pass an inspection reinforcement is flat will judge whether had given an accident.