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Choose two handcart to want advertent edge horn to check

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Want when the market chooses two handcart when you particularly advertent " part of Bian Bian part " , a few little places that observe not easily often can show the real experience of this car. Today, introduce a few for everybody " subtle move " :

One, see bumper. If with before facial juncture is rough suitable aperture size is inhomogenous, the accident that trace remaining part creates the possibility, but the accident won't be very serious. Not quite serious to the car nevertheless chase aftering end also can hurt the bridge before reaching.

2, see bonnet and ala child board juncture place. The juncture of both sides should size is even and proper, if appear a side aperture

Too big may be to had had flank collision, or be changed when maintenance " deputy factory " bonnet.

3, the side before checking door, ala child board, of A column connect a dot. If ala child reason of board hair make trouble undertook Ban gold is handled, accident trace can be reflected apparently; If accident injury reachs A column, windscreen to glass also broke and change, so this hands over bit of total meeting to feel factitious.

4, check door. Open the examination side door edge door to look to whether have uneven, beat, pull dragged trace or be the feeling with very heavy door, this explains door has been bumped into. Along roof edge examination, can balata drag an examination, because be in,this finds the trace that repairs car lacquer the most easily. Open mothball box top to pull a bolster plate, observe edge circuit, look to whether have solder or the trace of Ban gold, if have,be chased after with respect to the specification end.

5, enter a car inside. Some cars have deputy drive safe gasbag, if the juncture of it and face plate is uneven,new safe gasbag system perhaps changes after gasbag is opened namely, so original accident is serious degree canned be imagined.

What to if you do not look to give role of the character side these edges,have at odds, still have a simple method, going seeing new car carefully namely is what kind of will undertake comparative again.