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Decide 11 elements of two handcart price

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Oneself can the value of estimation love car, nature can accomplish know fairly well, avoid by the person " flicker " . Advanced evaluate division Liu Fuzhou to tell a reporter, through his old experience, summary is Baconian give the main factor that decides two handcart value to have 11 probably:

The use a particular year of 1. car. The range of two handcart convert into money inside 3 years is the biggest, control in the 20%~30% of new car price about. Next, jump over in the future, extent of convert into money feels more.

Course of development of 2. car travel. In two handcart market, have " new car " and " second new car " cent, 1 year 20 thousand kilometer cries " new car " , 3 years 60 thousand kilometer cries " second new car " . No matter will tell from function or exterior, these cars no less than new cars, return leave out adjusted trouble, and devalue not easily.

The stand or fall of condition of 3. car machinery. Although some are secondhand car use time is very long, and travel course of development is not little also, but as a result of Che Zhuqin at maintaining, car condition still very good, also can sell a good price.

The stand or fall of 4. car exterior, and have without repaired trace.

The discretion that 5. car configures.

What 6. car platoon measures is big

Whether does 7. car color accord with the common love of this brand client.

Whether does 8. car belong to well-known trademark.

Whether does 9. accord with the environmental protection policy of local car.

10. congener car is in how many of stock of two handcart market.

11. fluctuates with price of brand new car of extent greatly