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Does different ground buy two handcart to should do what procedure?

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Mr Lin asks: I am dweller of Dongguan this locality, I plan to buy a two handcart from Guangzhou recently, turn excuse me book needs to deal with what formalities to Dongguan, about how many weekday can be finished, how much is charge?

Answer: If Mr Lin buys archives of two handcart change to come over from Guangzhou the word of Dongguan, need to be in charge of a conduction car to turn into formalities in Dongguan city car, need to offer a data to have: 1, to first floor 14 windows get 2 kinds of form to fill in; 2, surtax (car of bureau of tax of state reaching city buys office handling card, conduction vehicle pay taxes proves) ; 3, report of car of punishment detect check is only (first floor) of a window; 4, detect report of safety of station check car is only (city detects each station) ; 5, motor-driven

The car is effective compulsory insurance of traffic accident liability is only; 6, vehicle standard photo 1 piece; 7, car two inscription rubbing 1 piece; 8, Id, booklet of registered residence or temporary residence permit (be not this city census register) original and photocopy each one; 9, hold a temporary residence permit to deal with to first floor 14 windows are checked shack staff information; 10, belong to an unit, card of duplicate unit code, business charter each 1, build this unit official seal; 11, the unit proves (write) with this unit note; 12, the unit entrusts original of Id of person of proof, agency and photocopy (write) with this unit note.

It is OK to deal with car to turn into formalities to be controlled in 7 weekdays probably through serving intermediary in Dongguan generally speaking finish, charge is controlled in 1200 yuan.