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Illicit the car that buy stolen goods not know the inside story also is crime

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Recently, because buy bribe car, hu Zenghua is sentenced by river north court control 5 months. The judge says, the citizen buys bribe car under the counter, even if not know the inside story also is crime.

   26 thousand sell Sangdana

Last year on September 6, wang Mao and car of Home Jiang Beiyi rent a company to sign the contract that rent a car, agree with everyday hire of 330 yuan of hire this company 2000 model Sang Dana car, lease 3 days. King after showing Id and 3000 yuan of deposit, drove a car.

That evening, king general value 80 thousand yuan car sold Hu Zenghua with 26 thousand yuan of price.

After lease is full, king call to the company that rent say to want relet, and in order to turn Zhang means, give this company stroke again 3100 yuan of hire. Lease expires to still did not see Wang Hai car again, the company that rent just knows to be duped.

   6 taxis are sold 2

Be the same as a month 16 days, wang You signs a contract in the another company that rent, hired a nimble to amount to a car. When just when he accepted 5000 yuan of deposit,preparation sells a car, the company that rent is informed a person of the same trade by king after cheated message, urgent announcement king, want him to drive the car go back maintain. The plan of king failed.

Undertake judge Yuan Liebin introduces, wang Shi border rented 6 cars, trade successful have 2 only. The others because,4 cars are king keep transferring in each companies that rent, aroused suspicion, they are satisfied in order to maintain, repair wait for recall of reason general car, make its trade failure.

   The car that buy stolen goods is belonged to buy stolen goods

Because Hu Zenghua of the person that buy a car buys spoil blame to be sentenced 5 months control, and because Wang Mao makes contract crime of fraud sentence 2 years.

Meet with so that do not treat unjustly why. The Ministry of Public Security has regulation of proclaimed in writing, secondhand trade the car must be in appoint motor vehicle to trade the market trades, trade illegally namely otherwise. If trade,car is spoil, calculating the person that buy a car not to know is spoil, also regard the behavior that know perfectly well as.

For this, the judge warns broad citizen, buy a car to want to adopt standard approach, do not want to one's mind disturbed under the car of market price case apparently to those.

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