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Vigilance drives critical time

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Basis of traffic safety expert produces the research of time to traffic accident, there are 3 at least when discovering the driver drives " critical time " be worth vigilance quite.

In the morning 11 when to afternoon 1 when, through the overworked in the morning, big cranial nerve of the person already hasten is fatigue, reaction sensitivity is abate. Add some long-distance car drivers to be eager to hurrying on with one's journey, the time postpone again and again that ought have a meal, some is flat have early, evening twice only everyday meal, the empty stomach when midday rumbles, the abdomen is hollow empty, hands or feet is fatigued and weak, appear extremely easily accident. And a large number of blood inside body of lunch later generations center action to wait for peptic at gastric bowel, cerebral ministry decreases accordingly for blood, because this conference appears,brief Mondayish feeling and attention disperse. This paragraph of time is the time that adjusts airframe with siesta originally.

Crepuscular time occupies not complete count, afternoon 5 when to 7 when the 1/4 that the traffic accident that produce takes all accident about, because this needs caution especially. Crepuscular time light turns by shade dark, suffer the effect of process of dark adaptation of cell of person eye retina, the driver appears easily visual obstacle, cause judgement error, measure is undeserved, after adding the trip that passed a day to fatigued, meeting occurrence eye is dry of dry, larynx, dazed dazzled, tinnitus, give abnormal sweating due to general debility, gape to wait a series of tired " symptom " , rest like ceaseless car right now, appear very easily traffic accident.

Midnight time midnight 1 Shi Zhiling morning 3 when, everythings on earth is in " dormancy condition " , make the driver produces way easily " hollowness " feeling, often think lunar black rare as it happens hurries on with his journey, then a powerful and unconstrained style, overspeed drives. On the tree that often long-distance driver hits the car to roadside, still do not become aware like that in muddy on the building. And the physiology section law of person of this paragraph of time is in cerebrum unresponsive, blood pressure is reduced, the state with brothers blood-vessel inflexible, paralytic nerve, as a result of exceeding exhaustion, the person with heart bad function causes a heart easily still to stop suddenly, miocardial infarction and cerebral thrombus, these conceal is worn the crisis of traffic accident.