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Rent a car most save worry

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Want to be hired be at ease car, want to understand a car to rent company aptitude first, want to choose the renting company with bigger dimensions, have hundreds of cars at least. The small company that a few blame interlink often comes with low price absorbing, but number of course of development often has feline dirt, because exceed,be met not carefully and the times doubler price on the flower.

When shifting a car, should try drive, and want careful examination car condition, if bodywork has,do not have nick, light is complete, car lock is normal wait. Want to open a car to build next, examine refrigerant fluid, engine oil, storage battery, oily watch, stop a car. The car became bad should contact the company that rent for a short while, need not oneself are repaired, hire car company to be able to find out your responsibility of breach of contract otherwise. What the company that rent buys is fully comprehensive insurance, if produce car loss, the car rents a company to also can ask tenant compensate pays car caustic the amount that 20 % control. In addition, if meet cut loiter, must look for a policeman in time to come qualitative, produce relevant proof, such ability get the compensate with due insurance company pay. Want to be booked ahead of schedule with the car before the section. Annual golden week New Year is the height that rent a car, often hire basically in before the section 34 days empty, the section can be hired without the car during day, had better shift to an earlier date so half moon or a week are booked.

Want to hire a car to discharge a trouble to carry a good car. The key is how choice car hires a firm, only at ordinary times rigorous management, ability can have war exceedingly good result. Boreal steam Forster and cooperation of company of Hong Kong bus introduce 9 dragon to run way newly, be the renting company that at present Beijing has an advantage most - .