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The car price that rent breaks up follow a bottle of accessary condition slashin

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As the drawing near that motor vehicle only even numbers is restricted to set executive date all right during the Olympic Games, many Beijing citizens began to have private the enthusiasm that rents a car, but after asking price however must " flinch " , the nimble that hire of a day controls 100 yuan amounts to a car, nowadays the price not only break up time, still be wanted to hire two months at least by the requirement.

Many Beijing cars rent a company to express, will come in July new value policy is implemented during September, all model price all has double above to go up, the most rising amount to 5 times what hire valence ferialer. And, many companies still reject to rent the car during the Olympic Games little the short-term individual tenement at a month.

In addition, each company that rent a car still rolled out a lot of new management measure, some general " lease a day " concept by 24 hours of instead 48 hours, still have a few take out " sail because of be restricted to go and stop " day number, on this foundation the price rises to original 2 to 4 times.